FBLA Competitive Events

We have over 60 events that members can compete in.  Use the color code listed below to help you decide on an event.  Check the state guidelines at ??????????  to read more about each event.

Blue are open to 9th and 10th grades only

Orange require a written report (10 - 15 pages)
Gray are offered at state and national but not districts
Bold have projects due in late December

Objective Test Only

 Accounting I  Business Financial Math Intro to Parliamentary Procedures
 Accounting II  Economics  Network Concepts
Business Calculations Intro to Business  Cypersecurity
 Business Communications  Intro to Business Communications  
 Business Law  Intro to Technology Concepts  

 Presentation Only
 Emerging Business Issues Business Ethics  Parlamentary Proceedures
 Sales Presentation  Intro to Public Speaking  Public Speaking
 Impromptu Speaking  Digital Video  Job Interview
 Help Desk

Client Service  
Skills Tests
Word Processing Spreadsheet Database
 Project and Presentation
 American Enterprise Project Business Plan Community Service Project
 Business Financial Plan  Digital Video Production  Local Annual Chapter Business Report
 Webpage Design    

 Test and Presentation
Banking and Finance Global Business  Marketing
 Future Business Leader

 Management Decision Making  
 Straight to State
 Electronic Portfolio  Network Design